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Photo: Granuloma on lower eyelid

Here you can see a pyogenic granuloma that has formed on the inner eyelid. These are common and often occur at the site of a chalazion or prior sutures from conjunctiva or eyelid surgery. To get a better idea of how mobile this mass is, you may want to watch our pyogenic granuloma video from which this was captured.


I have this and it very Severe. I can not afford to have it Removed. Is there another way to treat it?? And what are the future Risks os having this????

Comment by Hannelore Robinson — November 3, 2009

my niece is having it too. and i think it is severe because there are pus in the lump in her lower inner eyelid.. does oral medication can cure it? what will happen if left untreated?

Comment by Jo — December 13, 2009

I have this too. I had a stye and this thing grew out of it. Doctors remove it, and two weeks later it came back but worse than before. Seeing my doctor tomorrow… will post what they decide to do…

Comment by B — December 30, 2009

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