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Video: Meibomian gland dysfunction causing blepharitis

length: 51 seconds

This is an eye with meibomian gland dysfunction. You can see the meibomian glands as little white pores along the eyelid margin. These glands produce oil which is an important component of the tear film (the oil keeps the tears from evaporating too quickly). When the meibomian glands clog up, the oil gets thick and can cause surface irritation.

In this video you can see that the oil comes out like toothpaste when the gland is pressed with a q-tip.

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meibomianpores.jpg mgdblepharitis.jpg meibomianglands.jpg


great for anyone with the mgd!

Comment by lynn — January 20, 2008

Very good, but do you have any video images which show the degree of telengectasis that often accompanies MGD? On pale skin, it might be a predictor.

Comment by Kelly — November 10, 2008

As someone who has to express glands and is never sure I am yielding the correct material or using the right pressure, the video was very welcome.

Comment by Paula Reimueller — January 14, 2009

hello im lui freites,,,,,and i suffer from blepharitis ,,,,,and this i would like to know if can be cure by oparation ??? because i dont know waht to do,,,,, i have blepharitis very very strong ,,,,, and my eyes look allways red ( around my eyes ) so please give more information on that ,,,, or if i can do an operation,,, no matter if is very expensive ,,,,
thanks so much
luis freites

Comment by luis freites — February 6, 2009

My doctor performed this and after that incident onwards i am feeling scared about the pressure he applied

will such pressure cause damage to eyes or glaucoma

thanks in advance

Comment by Dosan — March 30, 2009

he done it using his thumb

Comment by Dosan — March 30, 2009

Good video. We need more of ant. segment examination by slitlamp

Comment by Dr MS Rahman — July 20, 2009

Awesome video, it really helped my understanding.

Comment by Deb NP student — November 27, 2010

Hi there, The video was very helpful. I am suffering from blepharitis and I just couldnot function my life properly. How can I get more information regarding this operation? Many thanks.

Comment by sylvie — December 5, 2010

Excellent Video, I have this condition but did not understand it very well, until now of course. Thanks

Comment by Fario — September 19, 2011

I suffer from blepharitis. Was never told that there are different types of blepharitis. Was told it was not curable and to just live with it. I have severe blisters in the corners of each eye on upper eyelids. I am also scared from previous blisters. Very painful and itchy. Makes me very nervous and anxious. Horrible decease to live with.
I live in South West Louisiansa. Would like to know of a doctor to treat this. Not look at it and say that I have it and that there is no cure live with it. Please help me.

Comment by Paddy — September 29, 2011

I was told years ago that I had dry eyes, in part due to aging. Then was told had sensitive eyes due to medications, causing dryness? Then noticed with OTC tears or eye drops, eyes felt fine, until dealing with cat litter, no matter how “Dustless!” produced itchy, red eyes. wore large sunglasses re iitter, no problem. Then noticed that wind, if it reached eyeballs made them really sore, burnt feeling. – Wind and sun are very drying, witness sunburnt, windburnt skin. Took the problem to family doc, who diagnosed blepharitis. Nothing on eyelids, only troubled by symptoms after particular circumstances have occurred. Is this blepharitis or is it DRY eyes?

Shank you.

Comment by shirley — December 16, 2011


My 21 year old brother has had an eye oil gland issue for several years now. He is in severe pain if he is in a room with circulated air, if wind blows in his eyes, when he looks at the television or any flashing lights, and/or he is anywhere where exposed air comes in contact with his eyes. He has tried every drop under the sun, including some homopathic remedies involving cayenne pepper. He has had the oil glands pierced numerous times and recently underwent an extremely painful procedure where his oil glands were heated with a machine which actually caused his oil production to worsen. Does anyone know of anyone who has experienced this debilitating problem? He is pretty much home bound as he is in pain wherever he goes. We are desperate for any info anyone can give to help out with this. Thanks!

Comment by Andrea Myers — December 6, 2012

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