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Pyogenic granuloma on the conjunctiva (Video)

length: 33 seconds

This video shows a pyogenic granuloma on the conjunctiva of the eye. This occured after a piece of debris got into the eye and caused this localized inflammatory reaction. As you can see here, the bump is red/pink in color, raised, and slightly mobile. This lesion did not look malignant, which was confirmed when it regressed with artificial tears and a mild steroid.

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but.gifpyogenicconjgranuloma.wmv (4.4 meg, Windows video file)
but.gifpyogenicconjgranuloma.mov (Quicktime format coming soon)


Thumbnails (click to enlarge photo)

granulomaconjunctiva.jpg pyogenicgranuloma.jpg


Dear you did a beautiful and very nice effort for this site.
I really appriciate and admire you for your great effort and pray for your success by every mean. Once agian thank you for such a good educational support. Please dont hasitate if you ever need any help

Best Regards

Dr.Rehan M. Shaikh

Comment by Rehan — September 12, 2007

Thank you Dr. Shaikh. I appreciate you visiting this site and your kind words!

Comment by admin — September 12, 2007

Dear Dr.Root,

The other day i had a patient in the OPD with Pyogenic Granuloma ( slightly larger than this one) , I immediately sent the sample for biopsy. I wish i had seen this Video earlier , i would have saved a little trouble for the patient and would have tried Steroids and artificial tears before a biopsy. Anyway Thank you for the videos and the great work you have done. I have given print outs of your Ophthalmology PDFs to students and they have loved it.. I have a dream of improving medical teaching at the Grass’root’ level with ideos and cartoons, and what would be a better idea than to start with the ‘ROOT’ book of Ophthalmology .. ;) . Thank you again.


Comment by Dr.Vaibhav — January 19, 2011

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