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Lens sutures seen in the eye (Video)

length: 14 seconds

In this video, you can see the normal suture lines that form in the lens with normal eye development. In the front of the lens is a “Y” while in the back, the “Y” is inverted (like a mercedes sign). This is a subtle finding and easier to see in a young eye. Certain types of cataract can form in this suture plain, which gives you a hint as to what portion of embryonic development this occured.

Look closely in this movie … the finding is fleeting and hard to capture in motion.

Download this video for powerpoint

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nice video! could you please also show us some PCH on slit lamp exam? Thanks a lot!

Comment by QQ — May 4, 2015

Please what exactly is lens sutures and what’s their function in the lens and for vision?

Comment by Joan — April 4, 2016

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