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Corneal guttata from Fuch’s dystrophy (Video)

length: 36 seconds

This video shows a cornea with Fuch’s dystrophy. You can see guttata or guttae on the back surface of the cornea. These bumps indicate endothelial pump difficulty, and appear as a “beaten metal” appearance. If you look closely (look where the arrow is pointing) you can see a pock-marked surface that looks like craters on the moon.

Guttae are an important finding to note prior to cataract surgery, as this indicates a lower endothelial cell count and could lead to a decompensating cornea afer cataract extraction.

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but.gifguttata.wmv (4.6 meg, Windows video file)
but.gifguttata.mov (Quicktime format coming soon)


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guttae.jpg guttatafuches.jpg


Good video. Theses guttata were very large and easy to see. It would be interesting to see a corresponding specular photomicrograph for comparative analysis.

Comment by Craig Thomas, O.D. — December 29, 2007

Good video. Theses guttata were very large and easy to see. It would be interesting to see a corresponding specular photomicrograph for comparative analysis.

Yes, that would be interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a specular machine. Never really found them very useful, as I primarily look at corneal thickness (when determining risk for endothelial decompensation before cataract surgery).

Comment by admin — December 30, 2007

yes, i like the video. thanks alot.

Comment by Ha — August 19, 2009

Can you advise as to where I might find a specialist in this field?

Comment by j limowski — December 17, 2009

just superb.

Comment by dr nazim — January 13, 2010

Can corneal guttatae be corrected by surgery? If so, where in Ontario is this surgery performed?

Comment by Howard Leaman — May 2, 2010

I have catarct surgery coming up and I do have corneal guttata. I now am afraid to get the cataract done because of this guttata. Can you advise me what I should do. thank you

Comment by beatrice michael — July 28, 2010

Benito 78 años:
Tengo una guttata en el OD con una cantidad de células epiteliales inferiores a 1700.
Debería operarme de catarata porque la visiona perdió nitidez y tengo dificultades visuales en la distancia.
Los médicos tienen sus dudas en realizar la operación de catarata. Que me aconseja u/o donde podría dirigirme en Buenos Aires,

Comment by benito — August 11, 2010

How serious is this with regard to having cataract surgery?

Comment by Betty Gower — November 4, 2010

I have corneal guttata and need cataract surgery. I live in Tallahassee, FL. Who in Fl or North GA has alot of experience with this?

Thank You!

Comment by Sylvia Collins — November 19, 2010

I just had cataract surgery and now have been told I have corneal guttatae. What are my options now as vision as worsened? Is corneal transplant an option? If so, are there specialist in Austin, TX?

Comment by carol — February 19, 2011

I have just came upon the video as I have Fuch’s, will having cataract removed worsen my sight. Thanks for any help you can give C. Reed UK

Comment by Colin — May 21, 2011

the hardest part is setting up the SL for specular reflection – it would have added immensely if that had been illustrated

Comment by Norm Thompson — July 10, 2011

I have just been diagnosed with corneal gutatta. Is there treatment for this? My naturopath mentioned a connection to my hyperthyrod and thought if we get it under control it may help this condition. Your thoughts?

Also what is the longterm prognosis for this?

Comment by linda funay — June 15, 2012

I am due to have a cataract removed late this summer. I have guttae. Any suggestions? I also have glaucoma. Should I have the surgery to remove the cataract?

Comment by pat schlesch — June 17, 2012

Next month I am facing guttata surgery. I need 2:nd opinion.
Where do I find the best specialist. I had
cateract surgery on same eye 10 years ago, now
that implanted lens is becoming cloudy.
Should I have lens “cleaned up” before the
Guttata surgery.

Comment by Monica Stolt — November 9, 2012

I have a history of detached retina 2x in right eye. Very little vision left. Now I have been informed that I have Guttata in the left eye. What should I do?

Comment by Sheri Albert — October 17, 2013

My husband has fukes dystrophy (guttae). I did extensive research to find the best. We travel from another state to see Ming Wang in Nashville, TN. We are very pleased with everyone in his office.

Comment by Geraldine Ewing — October 17, 2013

I really wanted to get lazer surgery but found i had Guttata behind left eye,when i went for my consultation,he recomended i did not get the lazer surgery.what is your opinion?

Comment by Debbie harvie — December 15, 2013

Thanks for the wonderful videos. There a great help

Keep up the noble work

Dr Ashish Mahobia

Comment by Ashish Mahobia — December 15, 2015

I was diagnosed w/guttata about 10 years ago. I’d had perfect eyesite until I hit 45 yrs old. I found out when I wanted to have eye surgery to improve my sight. I was informed that it was not a good idea because of this eye condition so I use my glasses. I am fortunate that I can see a specialist at UCLA yearly. He tells me my eyes are not getting worse. Only time will tell.

Comment by GAV — September 20, 2016

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