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EKC adenovirus causing viral conjunctivitis (Video)

length: 22 seconds

This video shows an eye with EKC viral conjunctivitis, caused by the adenovirus. Here you can see numerous subepithelial infiltrates. The easiest way to visualize these is by aiming your slit-lamp light so it comes in from the side and diffusely illuminates the corneal surface.

This cornea is suffering from EKC (epidemic keratoconjunctivitis). The adenovirus is one of the leading causes of the common cold and when it hits the eye, can cause both a conjuncitivis and a keratitis (corneal inflammation). This serotype of virus is very contageous and as eye doctors, we are always worried about catching this as the stromal scars can incapacitate vision for months.

Download this video for powerpoint

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but.gifekcconjunctivitis.wmv (3.0 meg, Windows video file)
but.gifekcconjunctivitis.mov (Quicktime format coming soon)


Thumbnails (click to enlarge photo)

corneaekc.jpg epidemickeratoconjunctivitis.jpg ekceye.jpg

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