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Rust Ring on Cornea (Photo)


This photo shows a cornea with a rust ring where a metal foreign body had been (removed). When removing metal objects from the cornea, we try to remove as much rust as possible … the rust can slow healing, and cause epithelial erosions. However, sometimes the stuff is really deep such that aggresive digging will cause more damage than leaving it alone. Eventually, the rust will work it’s way out by itself.

Check out our rust-ring metal foreign body video to see the original insult, body removal, and diamond burr used to remove these rings.


How many hours does it take before a rust ring will form?

Comment by Vin — April 2, 2009

45 minutes

Comment by say — May 9, 2010

[...] in my eye that promptly rusted doing a MaxII bearing change, and had to be drilled out, like this:

Pingback by Bearing Change — January 10, 2011

i am a new graduate and had to bur rust rings recently, 12th nov 2011. I want to know if the rust lines will totally disappear? My patient still has that residual rings on central to posterior stroma. Honestly, i’m not sure what to do beside reviewing him daily and hoping it’s good enough.

Comment by felix — November 14, 2011

@felix: I’m a new grad too and had the same problem! I’ve heard that sometimes the rust is too deep for adequate removal and leaving it won’t cause too many problems. I find that 1 day follow ups aren’t helpful because it takes time for rust to work its way to the surface. I’d say 1 week follow ups are sufficient…let me know what you think!

Comment by New OD — December 2, 2011

Can a patient with a corneal rust ring have an MRI?

Comment by Mary scott — July 17, 2016

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