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Dellen of the Cornea (Photo)


This photo shows a dellen (thinning of the cornea) that occurs from dehydration. You can see it at the limbus in the bottom-right of this picture. You can also see the funny reflection it causes on the iris underneath.

Dellen occur when the tear film does not cover the eye. In this case because of subconjunctival hemorrhage (you notice how red that eye looks) that has raised the conjunctiva right at the lumbus.

Dellen can be impressive looking, and despite the lack of an infection at this area, need to be treated aggresively with lubrication. To get a better idea how these look, you may want to check out the dellen video, (this snapshot was taken from this video).




Comment by UZOMA — July 6, 2009

excellant photo.this infomation was hard to find as i prepared for my national boards.im glad i found you. i will use this site again and again and again!

Comment by john harris — July 31, 2009

rare information to see. thanks.

Comment by manik — December 9, 2009


Comment by sariis — August 31, 2010

Thanks for your excellent resource. Just a question, how can you tell between dellen and true thinning of the cornea?

Comment by Serena — December 27, 2010

thanks for nice information

Comment by dr shrikanth — June 15, 2011

I have just come home from hospital after my opthalmologist, Dr Brian Harrisberg diagnosed a Dellen. Thanks to hydrating every 15 minutes and antibiotics every hour, there was a dramatic improvement within 24 hours.

Comment by Brian Myerson — July 20, 2012

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