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Eye Cyst (Photo)


This snapshot shows a cyst on the conjunctiva of the eye. These inclusion cysts are not uncommon, but generally benign. You can get a feel for the stereoscopic nature of the lesion (ie. how elevated it looks) by looking at the slit-lamp beam of light as it curves over the surface and transilluminates this lesion.

To get a better idea of how this thing looks, you should look at the epithelial cyst video that this snapshot was taken from.


To Whom it may concern,
I have been diagnosed with an eye cyst behind my right eye. what does this mean? I am having trouble with my eye sight now, just had my glasses changed right before the diagnosis. What do I do now, I have already gone the bout with the antibiotics, still have the sight problems… and now am having really bad headaches as well are the headaches part of the cyst problem??? help need information…

Comment by debra loper — June 29, 2008

Well Ms. Loper,
Hard to say, as I don’t know what an eye “cyst” behind the eye could mean. This could describe several things … some mild, and some deadly (including dermoid cyst, mucoepidermal cyst from the sinus, periostial abscess, etc..).

I think that you should get advice from an ophthalmologist in person right away. At the least, they can better inform you (have them write a diagnosis on paper so you can look up more info online) or treat you appropriately.

It’s hard to diagnose an eye disorder through a webpage, and this isn’t really a proper medium for medical advice. I advise seeing an eye doctor right away, especially if you are having any change in your symptoms.

Comment by admin — June 29, 2008

I have an epithelial inclusion cyst that looks similar to this. I had a detached retina that was treated with a scleral buckle first, then two more surgeries and finally laser to keep the retina attached. Now two years later I am dealing with this cyst that I noticed about 6 months ago. The retinal surgeon is treating it with antibiotic/cortisone drops 4 times a day for 2 weeks to see if that helps with the burning pain I have. He said he’s only seen this cyst occur after surgery a few times and he’s never operated on it so I am in limbo waiting to “see” what will be done next. The cyst has not affected my vision (yet) and doesn’t hurt other than the painful burning that occurs frequently. I do get eyelashes and gunk stuck underneath the cyst though but the surgeon said he could have a different surgeon fix that independent of the cyst. If anyone else has had this cyst as a result of previous eye surgery (like me) and had it surgically removed, please email me as I would love to know the outcome. Right now, the surgeons are telling me that if they remove the cyst, there is a chance the retina will detach and I could go blind. I would prefer not to remove the cyst as obviously I don’t want to go blind, especially after all the work that went into getting my sight back after the retina detached. You can view my experience with the detached retina on my website http://www.dianeszoo.com/detachedretina.htm Thank you – you can contact me through my website. Diane

Comment by Diane — August 24, 2008

I have an eye cyst in my left eye in the right corner. I also had retinal detachent several yeras ago & had 2 surgeries & a sclara buckel was put in. I am wondering if I can tr3at this myself as I am afraid to go to the Dr but perhaps that is the place to start

Comment by sharon brittner — February 2, 2009

Could someone let me know how common this is . I have had a cyst in my left eye for about 6 months & I am afraid to go to the Dr.

Comment by sharon brittner — February 2, 2009

I was told that what I have on my left eye is a cyst and was treated for that with drops(TobraDex)about 2 years ago, thought maybe it went away but not sure anymore. In 2 days I will be going back in to a different Dr.- now with 2 cyst’s on that same eye. I have not had any eye surgeries and I do wear glasses but no contacs. I wish I knew more about these before I go in, but hopefully I will be sent to a specialist if need be.

Comment by Sharon Danielson — February 3, 2009


I have two eye biopsys regarding this problem. Seems like I have it every two years. I have been blind from it along with many other symptoms. It is Lymphangioma of the Orbit. U have to have surgery to have it removed. It is a piece of cake. It is the anesteasea that made me feel horrible. Check out http://www.eyecancer.com/Patient/Condition.aspx?nID=20&Category=Orbital+Tumors&Condition=Lymphangioma+of+the+Orbit. I hope this helps you. You need to see an eye doctor that specializes in double vision and decreased vision due to optic nerve dysfunction. I wish you luck. And do not be scared when you have surgery. Have it done quick. You will go blind and be in major pain if you do not get this done. God Bless You.

Comment by Johanna — February 20, 2009

I developed a cyst after having Lasik eye surgery and they told me that it was probably already there I just didn’t know it, I know my eyes I’ve had them for 36 going on 37 years and the cyst was never there before the surgery. I left the office after surgery with a hemorrage to me right eye also.I am upset to learn that they didn’t tell me about these complictions and I may also have retina surgery on the both eyes because my both eyes are now seeing strong flashes of light wich is detached retinas. Plus I also have dry eye socket in my right eye when I wake up in the morning now.I used an annointment at night to prevent the dry eye socket and I still am waking up with the problem. This has been so very scary, think long and hard if you’re thinking about Lasik surgery, go to Lasikcomplications.com, I only wish I had visited that sight before my surgery. I would not have done it…

Comment by Melissa — March 29, 2009

[...] it look anything like that? Eye Cyst (Photo) : RootAtlas Quote: Originally Posted by Dune_Diva I’ll let him have it this time. [...]

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I have had this cyst on my right eye for about two years, it comes and goes and sometimes it splits into two different cyst. It is only painful when it gets under the eyelid as it does move about quite often. I have been to four different eye doctors and they all tell me it it an allergy and might go away and might not. They can lance it but it might come back anyway. Not sure what to do, eyedrops do not help and it is very annoying. Any ideas?

Comment by June — June 4, 2009

Hi, my name is brandi, i am 15 years old, and im a female. i am a little worried beacuase today my eye started to bother me, and this was at around 1am, i started to itch it, and my eye started watering…i figured that something had to be wrong with it, i went into my bathroom, and looked in the mirror, lifted up my left top eyelid, and saw a little lump on my eye, and i dont know what it is, or how to get rid of it…if it will go away. and it has never been like this before, so i must have gotten it today, or lastnight.
what can cause something like this o happen? can you please help me get rid of this? and tell me if it is a cyst or not? please help.

Comment by Brandi — August 28, 2009

I was recently told by my retinal specialist that I have a cyst in my left eye. He said ther4 is nothing he can do about it I have advanced diabetic retinopathy. It is my left eye and is the better of both of my eyes. I lost quite a bit of vision in my right eye due to glaucoma and a tube was put in to control the presure. What can this cyst do to my eye and are there any treatment options?

Comment by Helen Solomon — January 28, 2010

I found an eye cyst in the corner of my left eye last Friday. I had a cornea graft re fuchs dystrophy in that eye in 2005. My eye felt as if a grain of sand was in it. My doctor lanced it today and it disappeared. He told his assistant that a speck of ? had gotten in my eye and fluid had collected around it. If had not disappeared he said he would have excised it two months later. He is the head of opthamology at a local medical school and did a cornea disection in my right eye in 2009. Judging from the comments of his staff and students and my experiences under his care I am in good hands though I may make some spelling errors when typing.

Comment by Susan Wells — June 14, 2010

I had a inclusion cyst on lower right eye lid in the corner near to my tear duct it got bigger it was just like a white blob .I had it for 3 years and it didnt disapear sort of affected my eye sight as just in the way of my vision .i went to my doctor who arranged for me to have it removed in the surgery that was in july this year .There was a waiting list of 3 months as it supose to be minor surgeryin between waiting however 2 days ago it started to itch again and then went red and now I woke up this morning and the cyst has gone its only red in the corner .Im going to see Doc as how can it disapear after being where it was for 3 years .?

Comment by DEE — September 19, 2010

Hello, my names cristian, im 16, and male. i have a cyst on my left eye, on the bottom left side of my eye somewhat like the photo above, but in no way is it connected to my skin, just my eye. I’ve had it (supposingly) since i was born. i’ll be having surgery tomorrow to remove it.
but i am putting this now, even as late as it is to ask,
in your opinion
is the surgery really a necassary operation to have on this?
And if surgery isn’t done is there anything bad that could come of it?
also it has a tendancy to block my vision leaving me to see nothing but white on one side, but fixes back off when i rub my eye.


Comment by Cristian — November 30, 2010


I was told several years that there was something growning behind my eye. Now, ten years later,the eye itches and is partly closed…but no eye doctor seems to understand. The original eye doctor is no longer around.

Does anybody have any idea of what this is?

Comment by Mrs. Muller — January 15, 2011


I was told several years that there was something growing behind my eye. Now, ten years later,the eye itches and is partly closed…but no eye doctor seems to understand. The original eye doctor is no longer around.

Does anybody have any idea of what this is?

Comment by Mrs. Muller — January 15, 2011

hi i hae had trouble with my right eye beentold i have a cyst in it no eye drops seem to work went to the hospital today who checked it and said i need to see an opthamoligist and sent me my docs to get referred but when i got there the doctor said they cant do it? its affecting my sigh and is all red and blood shot and burns in light any help on what to do

Comment by amy — February 10, 2011


Comment by JESSIE — April 5, 2011

i am 31 years of age and never been to a eye specialist in my life. on 19/05/2011 i went to a specialist for the first time. i have been wearing glasses since i was in standard 3 i was 12 years old at the time. i have had problems with my eyes ever since and just found out from the specialist that that i have bad cysts and fluid. my question is will it blind me? i have a son that is still a baby and i want to see him grow up.

Comment by mercia van dyk — May 23, 2011

[...] source 1 source 2 [...]

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Hy My name is Ahmad Babar and I had been treated with a cycst that was bothering me for a year. The medical report suggests it ws a Benign Cycst and my eye is now recovering after the surgery

Comment by Ahmad Babar — January 9, 2012

I have a cyst behind my right eye, but now after living with it for many years causing a few side effects, now I can’t even read much without the letters bouncing across the page, and in fact I get sick to my stomach trying to read of view the computer for very long of period. Apsolutely sick to my stomach. My eye is about ready to explode looking at it in the mirror, I think I need to see a doctor. I just know I should wear a patch and that the cyst was okay, about 3 years ago. That’s all I know.

Comment by Sarah — November 7, 2012

I have cyst looking boil or bump inside my right tear duct. Not on my eye but close to the tear duct. Its not a pimple. Noticed in a couple of years ago but has got worse in the last few months. I am 51. It doesn’t bother me but looks like I have a boil or 3rd eye. Can you tell me what you think it is please. Thank you. Should I try to pop it with a pin?

Comment by brenda — January 14, 2013

‘dear sir or madam. my husband was recently diagnosed with a cyst behind his eye.He had lasor surgery that caused his blood pressure and heart beat to rise. His eye site is no better . He feels it is nothing to worry about. He IS diabetic, and now must face heart ablation because he is now diagnosed with AFIB FLUTTERS.He also has had to have blood -2 units twice. My question is this, he has been losing blood. He’s had and endoscopy, and colonoscopy, other tests and they cannot find the bleeding.

Comment by jacki lamphire — September 6, 2013

Jacki, I have no idea what a “cyst behind the eye” could be. The eye socket is pretty small, so I doubt bleeding in this area could result in major blood loss (if there was bleeding, I would expect the eye to protrude). This is question best asked of his treating doctors. Best wishes in this hard time.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 6, 2013

I’m told I’ve a cyst back off my left eye specilist said not to worrie about it as I’ve no pain.is there eye drops I can use

Comment by Maureen Tunmore — November 3, 2013

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