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Epithelial Inclusion Cyst (Photo)


This photo shows a large epithelial inclusion cysts. These can occur randomly, or after eye surgery when epithelial cells become trapped under the conjunctiva.

To get a better idea of how these lesions look, you may want to watch our inclusion cyst video, where you can see this lesion transilluminate and it’s mobility.


I have an epithelial inclusion cyst that looks similar to this. I had a detached retina that was treated with a scleral buckle first, then two more surgeries and finally laser to keep the retina attached. Now two years later I am dealing with this cyst that I noticed about 6 months ago. The retinal surgeon is treating it with antibiotic/cortisone drops 4 times a day for 2 weeks to see if that helps with the burning pain I have. He said he’s only seen this cyst occur after surgery a few times and he’s never operated on it so I am in limbo waiting to “see” what will be done next. The cyst has not affected my vision (yet) and doesn’t hurt other than the painful burning that occurs frequently. I do get eyelashes and gunk stuck underneath the cyst though but the surgeon said he could have a different surgeon fix that independent of the cyst. If anyone else has had this cyst as a result of previous eye surgery (like me) and had it surgically removed, please email me as I would love to know the outcome. Right now, the surgeons are telling me that if they remove the cyst, there is a chance the retina will detach and I could go blind. I would prefer not to remove the cyst as obviously I don’t want to go blind, especially after all the work that went into getting my sight back after the retina detached. You can view my experience with the detached retina on my website http://www.dianeszoo.com/detachedretina.htm Thank you – you can contact me through my website. Diane

Comment by Diane — August 24, 2008

Diane, I had a smaller version of this type cyst of about a year after having been treated for interocular melanoma. This was done by the Retina Group of Washington, DC. My opthamalogical oncologist said it was due to the trauma I had been through. My cyst was on the lower front of my eye. I had it removed, as it was causing burning and some mild pain. The surgery was done while I was awake. It was one of the most painful things I have ever been through! In less than 6 months, it came back, eventhough somewhat smaller. I would suggest that if it is not affecting your vision that you don’t risk blindness.

Comment by Mary — October 10, 2008

will b very glad if someone can give me some information about something really strangethat i noticed last week on mylower eyelid measurring ’round 1-2cm.it looks like a cluster of egg shaped filled wid water.though i dont have any pain but i dofeel uncomfortable.ne1 had similaR EXPERIENCE PLZZLET ME NOE N HELP ME AM VERY WORRIED DAT I MIGHT GO BLIND.

Comment by Norree — March 5, 2010

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