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Check out our huge selection of streamable/downloadable ophthalmology videos. These eye videos are great for beginning residents and medical students and the acting clinician. Plus, each is in a downloadable form for placing in powerpoint applications for group learning.

Lids and Lacrimation

Eyelid ChalazionDraining Chalazion
Runtime: 1:05 minutes
A large internally-draining chalazion of the upper eyelid.
Long lashes from latanaprost glaucomaXalatan side effects
Runtime: 46 seconds
Long eye lashes from latanaprost. Also, a brief look at bulbar follicular conjunctivitis.
Eyelid CystEyelid cyst
Runtime: 30 seconds
A keratin-filled epithelial inclusion cyst on the lower eyelid.
Meibomian BlepharitisMeibomian Blepharitis
Runtime: 51 seconds
Expression of oil from an eye with meibomian gland dysfunction.

Punctal lacrimal anatomyPunctum anatomy
Runtime: 32 seconds
How the lacrimal punctum look like under the microscope.
Punctal PlugsPunctal Plugs
Runtime: 22 seconds
Closeup of a silicone punctal plug and how it looks once inserted.
Eyelid CystMunson sign
Runtime: 17 seconds
Notching of the lower lid seen with keratoconus.
Pyogenic GranulomaPyogenic Granuloma
Runtime: 26 seconds
A pyogenic granuloma forms at the base of a chalazion.

Conjunctiva and Sclera

Runtime: 23 seconds
Endophthalmitis caused by an infected trabeculectomy bleb that is easy to see with bloody chemosis.
thumbnail-applanationmires.jpgLeaking Trab Bleb
Runtime: 35 seconds
A leaking trabeculectomy bleb that is seen by Seidel testing. Aqueous is released with every blink.
Pyogenic Granuloma EyeConjunctival granuloma
Runtime: 33 seconds
A pyogenic granuloma from conjunctival debris, successfully treated with ATs and steroid.

thumbnail-chemosis eye allergyConjunctival Chemosis
Runtime: 25 seconds
Impressive conjunctival edema from an allergic reponse.
Conjunctival Inclusion CystInclusion Cyst
Runtime: 30 seconds
A large conjunctival epithelial inclusion cyst.
Superior Oblique myokymiaSuperior Oblique Myokymia
Runtime: 16 seconds
Very brief video showing myokymia intorsion of the conjunctival vessels.


EKC conjunctivitisEKC viral conjunctivitis
Runtime: 22 seconds
Sub-epithelial infiltrates caused by epidemic keratoconjuncitivis (adenovirus).
phylectenule on corneaPhylectenule on cornea
Runtime: 20 seconds
Phylectenular keratitis at the limbus from coexisting blepharitis.
Cornea Dellen ThinningDLK scar after lasik
Runtime: 47 seconds
A post-lasik scar at the flap interface believed to be diffuse lamellar keratitis.
Corneal LensCorneal Lens
Runtime: 45 seconds
Cornea with an intra-stromal lens implant.
Cornea Dellen ThinningDellen from Chemosis
Runtime: 39 seconds
Area of corneal dellen from chemosis after a routine cataract surgery.
Corneal Laceration SeidelCorneal Laceration with Seidel
Runtime: 52 seconds
Slitlamp view of a small corneal laceration with an active seidel caught on video.
DESK corneal transplant problemsDSEK Problem
Runtime: 24 seconds
Video showing an endothelial transplant that hasn’t adhered well.
Terrien's Marginal DegenerationTerrien’s Degeneration
Runtime: 54 seconds
Marginal degeneration seen in a middle aged man with no eye complaints.
Band KeratopathyBand Keratopathy and EDTA
Runtime: 1:17 minutes
An eye with calcium deposition gets chelated and scraped, “before” and “after” video.

Corneal Foreign BodyCorneal FB removal
Runtime: 1:03 minutes
Removal of corneal metal foreign body with rust-ring polishing.
Fungus Cornea EyeFungal ulcer
Runtime: 44 seconds
A large fungal corneal ulcer with associated sterile hypopion.
Corneal guttata Fuch's DystrophyCorneal Guttae
Runtime: 36 seconds
Corneal guttata as viewed from the slit-lamp, in a case of mild Fuch’s dystrophy.
Herpetic COrneal dendritic ulcerHSV dendrites
Runtime: 15 seconds
Perfectly formed, bilateral dendritic ulcers caused by herpetic infection of the cornea.
lasik corneal ingrowthEpithelial Ingrowth after LASIK
Runtime: 39 seconds
Small islands of epithelial cells that have grown under the edge of a lasik flap.
Metal foreign body cornea removeMetal FB removal
Runtime: 33 seconds
Small metal foreign body on cornea with an infiltrate. Removed with a needle.
Staph marginal keratitisMarginal keratitis
Runtime: 23 seconds
Staph marginal keratitis from meibomian gland infection.
Verticillata whorl keratopathyAmiodarone Verticillata
Runtime: 28 seconds
Whorl keratopathy seen bilaterally in a woman on oral amiodarone.

Anterior Chamber

Hyphema bloodHyphema layer
Runtime: 46 seconds
Excellent video showing a small layered hyphema in the AC.
Eye hyphema paracentesisHyphema glaucoma paracentesis
Runtime: 1:50 minutes
Paracentesis of a large hyphema causing glaucomatous IOP.
Hypopyon pus in eyeHypopyon from tube exposure
Runtime: 36 seconds
Layered hypopyon in the AC from an exposed tube shunt endophthalmitis.
thumb-keratickp.jpgGranulomatous KP
Runtime: 0:25 minutes
Wonderful video showing keratic precipitates on the cornea.
secondary lens materialRetained nucleus
Runtime: 21 seconds
A piece of lens nucleus left in the AC after uncomplicated phaco. It eventually resorbed.

Aging Eye ProblemsHaptic in the angle
Runtime: 27 seconds
Gonioscopy video showing the haptic from a three-piece lens sitting in the angle.
Keratic Precipitates from UveitisKeratic Precipitates
Runtime: 31 seconds
KP on the back surface of the cornea. Somewhat large and possibly granulomatous.
Perfluron complicationPerfluron in the AC
Runtime: 38 seconds
A bubble of perfluron trapped in the bottom of the anterior chamber.
Cell and Flare uveitisCells in the anterior chamber
Runtime: 1:08 minutes
Teaching video clearly showing what “cell and flare” looks like under the microscope.


Iris ColobomaIris Coloboma
Runtime: 55 seconds
Incidental iris colobomas found bilaterally with coexisting lens anomalies.
Ectropion UveaEctropion Uvea
Runtime: 30 seconds
Close up view of pupillary spincter hypertrophy.
Laser IridotomyLaser Peripheral Iridotomy
Runtime: 1:15 minutes
A LPI for occludable angles captured on video, complete with fluid wave.

Neovascular iris glaucomaNeovascularization of the iris
Runtime: 33 seconds
Florid NVI in a non-seeing eye with neovascular glaucoma.
ruzutti's keratoconusRuzutti’s Sign
Runtime: 19 seconds
The ruzutti light reflex seen with keratoconus.
iris prolapse cataract complicationIris Prolapse
Runtime: 48 seconds
Iris prolapsing through a scleral tunnel and wicking aqueous.


thumbnail-morgagnian cataractNuclear Sclerotic Cataract
Runtime: 23 seconds
A slit-lamp microscopic view of the most common cataract type. This video shows a highly brunescent lens.
Mature white cataractWhite Cataract
Runtime: 21 seconds
A mature white cataract that’s dense enough to see with the naked eye. A good pre-op teaching video.
thumbnail-morgagnian cataractMorgagnian Cataract
Runtime: 28 seconds
This hypermature lens shows a liquified cortex and hard nucleus sitting in the bottom of the bag.
Elschnig PearlElschnig Pearls
Runtime: 34 seconds
The common findings of pearl formation behind an implant after cataract surgery.

thumb-anteriorpolarcataract.jpgAnterior Polar Cataract
Runtime: 34 seconds
A closeup view of a small, central, anterior-polar cataract as seen under the microscope.
Cataract lens suturesNormal lens sutures
Runtime: 14 seconds
Fleeting video showing the normal suture lines in a young eye.
Lens vitreous subluxationLens subluxation
Runtime: 45 seconds
Dislocated lens with vitreous presentation after a blunt trauma.
Pseudoexfoliation glaucomaPseudoexfoliation Syndrome
Runtime: 27 seconds
An impressive example of pseudoexfoliation syndrome found before cataract surgery.


Asteroid HyalosisAsteroid Hyalosis
Runtime: 48 seconds
Excellent video showing asteroid hyalosis deposits floating around in the vitreous.


thumb-90 diopter retina.jpg90 Diopter exam
Runtime: 22 seconds
Closeup of the optic nerve as viewed through the 90-diopter lens.
venous pulsationsSpontaneous Veinous Pulsations
Runtime: 38 seconds
Venous pulsations seen at the optic nerve in a case of ocular ischemia.

large retinal detachmentRhegmatogenous detachment
Runtime: 1:01 minutes
Bullous detachment from a retinal hole. Viewed with a contact lens and an excellent ultrasound.
Terrien's Marginal DegenerationNormal eye ultrasound
Runtime: 42 seconds
B-scan ultrasound of a normal eye showing only a vitreous detachment.


thumbnail-applanationmires.jpgApplanation Mires
Runtime: 24 seconds
A video showing what the goldman applanation mires are supposed to look like when checking pressure.

Using LensometerUsing a lensometer
Runtime: 1:39 minutes
Learn to use the lensometer in less than two minutes.


thumbnail-neuro1.jpgNeuroOphthalmology (Part 1 of 2)
Runtime: 24 minutes
The first lecture in our neuro-ophthalmology introduction series. Focus on eye muscles and palsies.
eye trauma lectureOcular Trauma Lecture
Runtime: 28 minutes
This ophthobook lecture covers more eye injuries and gives tips on diagnosis and treatment.
glasses lectureCataract Lecture
Runtime: 15 minutes
An introduction lecture on cataracts, the history of surgery, and modern implants.
Pediatric Eye ExamPediatric Eye Exam
Runtime: 10 minutes
A funny, yet informative review of ocular examination techniques for children.
Slit Lamp ExamSlit Lamp Eye Exam
Runtime: 24 minutes
Humorous, video-intense review of the ocular microscope and anterior eye exam.
Nerve PalsiesCranial Nerve Palsies
Runtime: 29 minutes
Review of cranial nerves palsies that cause double vision.

pediatric ophthalmology lecturePediatric Ophthalmology Lecture
Runtime: 23 minutes
This basic lecture teaches retinoscopy, tropia-phoria testing, amblyopia, and causes for leukocoria.
glasses lectureIntroduction to Optics
Runtime: 24 minutes
A lecture on optics basics, with emphasis on understanding glasses prescriptions and astigmatism.
cataract surgeryCataract Surgery Instruction
Runtime: 8 minutes
An animated and live walkthrough of a typical clear-cornea cataract surgery. Perfect for students!
RetinoscopyRetinoscopy Workshop
Runtime: 24 minutes
The ultimate video-guide to learning loose-lens retinoscopy.
ComparativeComparative Anatomy
Runtime: 22 minutes
Review of animal eyes and what they teach us about our vision.

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