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This website is chock-full of eye videos taken at the slit-lamp. Here you’ll find movies covering a wide variety of ocular pathology, ranging from the cornea all the way back to the retina.

This non-profit website is intended to help eye care providers improve their clinical skills. Use these videos to familiarize yourself with basic eye findings, see uncommon conditions, and potentially improve your PowerPoint presentations (and thus educate others). None of these videos should be construed as medical advice. If you have eye difficulties, please consult an eye doctor that you trust.

Nerve PalsiesCranial Nerve Palsies
Runtime: 29 minutes
Review of cranial nerves palsies that cause double vision.
ExplodingExploding Eye Lecture
Runtime: 28 minutes
Experimental eye trauma video with guns, fire, and explosions.
ComparativeComparative Anatomy
Runtime: 22 minutes
Review of animal eyes and what they teach us about our vision.
Slit Lamp ExamSlit Lamp Eye Exam
Runtime: 24 minutes
Humorous, video-intense review of the ocular microscope and anterior eye exam.
Pediatric Eye ExamPediatric Eye Exam
Runtime: 10 minutes
A funny, yet informative review of ocular examination techniques for children.
Pediatric Eye ExamTropias and Phorias
Runtime: 18 minutes
A basic approach to ocular motility problems, with animations discussing cover-testing.
RetinoscopyRetinoscopy Workshop
Runtime: 24 minutes
The ultimate video-guide to learning loose-lens retinoscopy.
cataract surgeryCataract Surgery Instruction
Runtime: 8 minutes
An animated and live walkthrough of a typical clear-cornea cataract surgery. Perfect for students!
glasses lectureCataract Lecture
Runtime: 15 minutes
An introduction lecture on cataracts, the history of surgery, and modern implants.
glasses lectureIntroduction to Optics
Runtime: 24 minutes
A lecture on optics basics, with emphasis on understanding glasses prescriptions and astigmatism.
eye trauma lectureOcular Trauma Lecture
Runtime: 28 minutes
This ophthobook lecture covers more eye injuries and gives tips on diagnosis and treatment.
eye traumaEye Trauma Lecture
Runtime: 24 minutes
A humorous discussion of common eye and lid trauma seen in the ER.
opticsOptics Concepts
Runtime: 26 minutes
A review of basic optics concepts, from pinhole evolution through Snell’s Law.
eye tricksTwenty Eye Tricks
Runtime: 18 minutes
A lecture on advanced exam techniques for picking up malingerers, visual potential, and myasthenia gravis.
pediatric ophthalmology lecturePediatric Ophthalmology Lecture
Runtime: 23 minutes
This basic lecture teaches retinoscopy, tropia-phoria testing, amblyopia, and causes for leukocoria.
iris prolapse cataract complicationIris Prolapse
Runtime: 48 seconds
Iris prolapsing through a scleral tunnel and wicking aqueous.
thumbnail-neuro1.jpgNeuroOphthalmology (Part 1 of 2)
Runtime: 24 minutes
The first lecture in our neuro-ophthalmology introduction series. Focus on eye muscles and palsies.
Pyogenic GranulomaPyogenic Granuloma
Runtime: 26 seconds
A pyogenic granuloma forms at the base of a chalazion.
Using LensometerUsing a lensometer
Runtime: 1:39 minutes
Learn to use the lensometer in less than two minutes.
Meibomian BlepharitisMeibomian Blepharitis
Runtime: 51 seconds
Expression of oil from an eye with meibomian gland dysfunction.
Asteroid HyalosisAsteroid Hyalosis
Runtime: 48 seconds
Excellent video showing asteroid hyalosis deposits floating around in the vitreous.
Band KeratopathyBand Keratopathy and EDTA
Runtime: 1:17 minutes
An eye with calcium deposition gets chelated and scraped, “before” and “after” video.
Verticillata whorl keratopathyAmiodarone Verticillata
Runtime: 28 seconds
Whorl keratopathy seen bilaterally in a woman on oral amiodarone.
Pseudoexfoliation glaucomaPseudoexfoliation Syndrome
Runtime: 27 seconds
An impressive example of pseudoexfoliation syndrome found before cataract surgery.
Laser IridotomyLaser Peripheral Iridotomy
Runtime: 1:15 minutes
A LPI for occludable angles captured on video, complete with fluid wave.
Eyelid CystEyelid cyst
Runtime: 30 seconds
A keratin-filled epithelial inclusion cyst on the lower eyelid.
Terrien's Marginal DegenerationNormal eye ultrasound
Runtime: 42 seconds
B-scan ultrasound of a normal eye showing only a vitreous detachment.
Lens vitreous subluxationLens subluxation
Runtime: 45 seconds
Dislocated lens with vitreous presentation after a blunt trauma.
venous pulsationsSpontaneous Veinous Pulsations
Runtime: 38 seconds
Venous pulsations seen at the optic nerve in a case of ocular ischemia.
large retinal detachmentRhegmatogenous detachment
Runtime: 1:01 minutes
Bullous detachment from a retinal hole. Viewed with a contact lens and an excellent ultrasound.
Cell and Flare uveitisCells in the anterior chamber
Runtime: 1:08 minutes
Teaching video clearly showing what “cell and flare” looks like under the microscope.
phylectenule on corneaPhylectenule on cornea
Runtime: 20 seconds
Phylectenular keratitis at the limbus from coexisting blepharitis.
Perfluron complicationPerfluron
in the AC

Runtime: 38 seconds
A bubble of perfluron trapped in the bottom of the anterior chamber.
lasik corneal ingrowthEpithelial Ingrowth after LASIK
Runtime: 39 seconds
Small islands of epithelial cells that have grown under the edge of a lasik flap.
Hypopyon pus in eyeHypopyon from tube exposure
Runtime: 36 seconds
Layered hypopyon in the AC from an exposed tube shunt endophthalmitis.
Eye hyphema paracentesisHyphema glaucoma paracentesis
Runtime: 1:50 minutes
Paracentesis of a large hyphema causing glaucomatous IOP.
Herpetic COrneal dendritic ulcerHSV dendrites
Runtime: 15 seconds
Perfectly formed, bilateral dendritic ulcers caused by herpetic infection of the cornea.
Corneal guttata Fuch's DystrophyCorneal Guttae
Runtime: 36 seconds
Corneal guttata as viewed from the slit-lamp, in a case of mild Fuch’s dystrophy.
Corneal Foreign BodyCorneal FB removal
Runtime: 1:03 minutes
Removal of corneal metal foreign body with rust-ring polishing.
EKC conjunctivitisEKC viral conjunctivitis
Runtime: 22 seconds
Sub-epithelial infiltrates caused by epidemic keratoconjuncitivis (adenovirus).
Corneal Laceration SeidelCorneal Laceration with Seidel
Runtime: 52 seconds
Slitlamp view of a small corneal laceration with an active seidel caught on video.
thumbnail-morgagnian cataractMorgagnian Cataract
Runtime: 28 seconds
This hypermature lens shows a liquified cortex and hard nucleus sitting in the bottom of the bag.

Macular DegenerationMacular Degeneration
Runtime: 4:14 minutes
Very basic talk about macular degeneration.
Animatronic EyeAnimatronic Eye
Runtime: 46 seconds
An art exhibit showing an animatronic eye that follows you and blinks.
How a lens is madeHow a lens is made
Runtime: 9:20 minutes
Video showing how an optical lens is made, in this case for a camera.
Timberlake Glaucoma SuspectGlaucoma Suspect Song
Runtime: 4:40 minutes
Someone took a Justin Timberlake music video and
redid the lyrics, glaucoma-suspect style.
Contact Lens PokeContact Lens Mishap
Runtime: 30 seconds
Humorous commercial showing the dangers inherent to not wearing contacts!
Conjunctival Eye JewelryConjunctival Jewelry
Runtime: 1:40 minutes
Surgical video showing the placement of gold jewelry under the conjunctiva.
The Eye MovieHaunted Corneal Transplant
Runtime: 2:02 minutes
A trailer of Jessica Alba’s new movie, “The Eye” where a bilateral corneal PK goes terribly, terribly wrong.
IridologyAll about Iridology
Runtime: 6:31 minutes
The holistic art of using iris appearance to diagnose systemic health.
Prosthetic eye fabricationFabricating a prosthetic eye
Runtime: 6:47 minutes
An ocularist shows his artistic techniques and some of the molding process involved with prosthetics.
Contact lens constructionHow contact lens are made
Runtime: 4:44 minutes
A video showing how contact lenses are made on the lathe, polished, and checked with topography.
Speedy eye histologyOcular histology crash course
Runtime: 8:16 minutes
Short histology review of the basic eye structures under a pathology microscope.
Orthokeratology contactOrthokeratology
Runtime: 2:23 minutes
The use of night-time contact lenses to temporarily correct mild myopia.
Retinitis Pigmentosa gene therapyRP Gene therapy
Runtime: 3:35 minutes
Brief TV interview about the new use of gene therapy for retinitis pigmentosa.
Aging Eye ProblemsAging Eye Problems
Runtime: 48 minutes
Basic introduction to cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.
Eye Histology LectureEye Histology Lecture
Runtime: 53 minutes
Lecture showing the histology of the eye.
thumb-trabeculotomy for glaucomaBasic Eye Exam
Runtime: 7:15 minutes
Video for medical students and non-ophthalmologists on performing the basic eye examination.
thumb-trabeculotomy for glaucomaTrabeculotomy Technique
Runtime: 3:55 minutes
Surgical video showing an external trabeculotomy for congenital glaucoma.
thumbnail-eyeevolutionEvolution of the Eye
Runtime: 6:15 minutes
A fascinating discussion of eye evolution: from the patch, cup, pinhole, to the lens system.
thumbnail-chalazionRadio off Chalazion
Runtime: 4:15 minutes
Remove chalazion using radiofrequency.
thumbnail-chalazionLaser Blepharoplasty
Runtime: 6:15 minutes
Blepharoplasty performed with a CO2 laser.


This website has undergone a complete overhaul over the past few weeks, so pardon the changes. Hopefully, this will allow more frequent updates and more videos!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 22, 2013

I’m really glad you’re keeping this site updated. I’m a pre-registration optom from the UK and seriously your vids are funny informative and more importantly memorable – great for revision re-caps!

Thank you

Comment by nai — August 26, 2013

iam really benifited by seeing your videos.its a real tough work dedicated to ophthalmic education your job will ever remain and gives benefit to all.you are great

Comment by JALAL AHMED — August 27, 2013

Dr. Root
I am wondering if you put on seminars about referral issues and i am wondering if you could email me to talk about speaker fees etc.
Please email me at bswann@opticians.ab.ca

Comment by Belinda — August 29, 2013

Thanks for this excellent website which looks like a brilliant resource for students and teachers alike.

I only found the website a few weeks ago and thought I saw a video on alkali/acid injuries. Since the revamp I can’t seem to find it and I was wondering if you have done one or could tell me where to find a good one?

Many thanks and keep up the brilliant work

Comment by Fiona — September 4, 2013

Fiona, you may have been watching the Exploding Eye Video. At the 15 minute 35 second point, I talk about chemical eye injuries.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 4, 2013

Thank you that is just what I was looking for!

It will definitely help the emergency room residents to realise the full implications of the chemical eye injuries they see

Many thanks

Comment by Fiona — September 5, 2013

Hello. I am 26 years old & I am a student of Medicine. I come to your site for the first time. It is excellent & so useful. Thank you very much.

Comment by Zeinab — September 21, 2013

dear sir,
I com to vour site first time I found it very usefull.Thank you very much,
I hope you will cotineu it in future.
Tajammal Hussain.

Comment by tajammal hussain — October 6, 2013

I’m glad to find this website which is so useful to me and very appreciative of your excellent work.But I find there is some videos I cannot see such as the “Eye histology” which I am eager to get.I’m wondering if you can offer me such one.I’m looking forward for your reply.Thanks!

Comment by nana — October 20, 2013

As a former educator and trainer, I have been delighted to find the resources you provide! My company is requiring the entire sales force to take the COA exam and your videos are a breath of fresh air, memorable, helpful and informative. I have passed on the links to your various websites to my colleagues. Thank you SO MUCH.

Comment by Karen Settlemyer — November 3, 2013

my exam is on 11th this month.. :D :P… your videos are a great help in having an overall “summary type” understanding… helping me a lot… thanks…
and one thing more… here the network is a bit slow so only a lower quality video can be easily streamed like on youtube but no other website gives that (low quality) option… so please upload the videos to youtube too.. thanks once again.. :)

Comment by Manmeet Saini — November 7, 2013

I have benefited from your website as a student during my undergrad days in 2010. 2 years into my working life and i still find your website useful! and the most amazing thing is, it’s free! thanks for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with us!

Comment by Jonathan — November 22, 2013

thanks for your videos, you are a very good teacher and as a resident in ophthalmology i find your videos helpful especially the neuro ophthalmology lectures.

Comment by jummy — November 30, 2013

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